Wednesday, October 27, 2010


What we do for you is simply this:

1. We listen carefully to what you want to say, (how you want to say it), and the tone you would like achieve.

2. We determine who your market is, the demographic you are selling or aiming to sell to and the best way to reach those potential buyers.

3. Then we do what we do best! We start writing. We write with words that "jump" off the page, words that pop, words that create thoughtful anticipation, inspiration, urgency and fanciful desire. All in an effort to get your business seen, your copy read, your website visited again and again and your products sold!! Simply put?

Yes, we may charge a little more than offshore writers. However, we are 100% English speaking, home grown and know all those quirky little homonyms that seem, or is it (seam), to trip everyone else up.

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